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The album consists of 20 tracks and includes cuts from all the releases as well as unreleased material. Two songs had been especially recorded to be featured on this album. One unreleased song: "How many times" then went on to storm the VH-1 "Song-of-The-Year" charts, which was a nice surprise as well as a good start for a "Best of" compilation.

TJ - Sensitivity portraits TJ they way he should be portrait: As a romantic, melancholic and unique individual whose passion is the creation of songs. TJ, who re-invented himself in 97 when he finally went solo and thereby changed from a Techno/Trance musician to a more mainstream pop musician, consciously decided to put tracks from all his releases onto the album in order to showcase a variety of styles although his works are electronically created in essence.

The album was long overdue and when TJs mother passed away in 2004 after a long fight against cancer the artist decided to finally put together a BEST OF with his most intimate songs and dedicated the album to his mum.

It is clear that TJs unique approach to music doesn´t turn him into "everybody´s darling" but the critiques the album got upon its release are non the less impressive:

"It is interesting the way TJ takes trademark synth sounds which are traditionally associated with a certain musical genre and uses them in a completely different context ... TJs orchestration and mixing skills are beyond reproach .. he has a good ear for sounds and the way they work together and he really excels at building organic, slinky grooves. (

"A musical whiz kid" (Dolphin News)

"The music has a smooth, surreal feel that is absolutely infectious..The Song is wonderful and left me wanting more." (VH-1 about "How many times")

"Your vocals are hauntingly soulful and the harmonies blend superbly." (VH-1 about "The Day I met you")

"Your music has a magical flow with a life all its own. This song is outstanding." (VH-1 about "Mind travelling)

"The instrumentation, composition and melodies are fresh and powerful and portray the mood of the song. Your somber lyrics pour out a flood of sad imagery. The music has a very powerful arrangement with a strong emotional impact. This is a painfully somber song and speaks to the soul. (VH-1 about "I am alone")

The album recieved a lot of airplay both in the United States and in the Republic of Ireland and is TJs proudest achievement to date.

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  1. Light of Love
  2. I am alone
  3. You´re the reason
  4. Mind travelling
  5. Darker Than Black
  6. Song for a friend
  7. Like an angel
  8. I still believe in love
  9. Shadows of the past
  10. Love rules
  11. Eternity
  12. I feel loneliness
  13. I will always be there for you
  14. The day I met you
  15. How many times
  16. African Queen
  17. Why don´t you call me?
  18. I had it all before
  19. Time to come home
  20. Für Monique

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